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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

New Haven Hardware offers 13 unique hardware styles, from modern to classic, each piece of hardware is expertly machined and powder coated for a high quality and durable product.

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Lifetime Warranty

Each piece of hardware is engineered and manufactured in the United States of America. Each style expresses individual creativity, while maintaining consistent quality. All hardware is powder coated to withstand the exterior elements, and maintain an interior elegance. All hardware is covered with a lifetime warranty.

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Innovative and Elegant

Unique and efficient. Sliding barn door hardware saves space by eliminating the in swing of a standard door, while making a creative design decision. No matter the style of hardware chosen, each piece is crafted to express creativity and offer a timeless design. Whether saving space, making an expressive statement, or both, New Haven Hardware has crafted the perfect solution.

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Modern Barn Doors

Unique and forward thinking design, with hand crafted quality creates the perfect interior sliding door. Each design was imagined and proven among a collaboration of designers to capture the coming trends and styles in the housing market. Simple, elegant, and easy to look at, the modern and transitional barn doors are a collection of New Haven's best.

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Enduring Quality,
Thousand of Possibilities

Every piece of hardware sold carries a lifetime warranty. This confidence in the hardware comes from years of experience and in-depth testing to ensure that each set delivered, will be satisfactory and solid as long as its use is needed. Results speak for themselves; New Haven Hardware is made to function effortlessly and to endure.

Door and Hardware

Combining a barn door with sliding barn door hardware couldn't be easier. New Haven Hardware has extensively consulted with design teams and home builders to create a series of high end barn doors and barn door hardware that fit perfectly together. With the ability to select and match different styles of doors with hardware one is able to expressively create the design that fits a specific home, office space, or commercial installation.

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