New Haven Hardware

New Haven Hardware was created to design and develop the highest quality architectural hardware with the most creative design. A collaboration between a product designer and an highly experienced product developer has resulted in the ultimate team of hardware enthusiasts. Creating hardware and high end products for decades, the New Haven team noticed a niche need for high end, quality hardware, that looks beautiful and functions flawlessly.

Dedicated to a Vision

The New Haven team believes in the art of creation and is dedicated to the company vision of producing the highest quality products that will last a lifetime. All hardware is made from the highest quality materials in the USA, with each piece fabricated by machinery that has been selected over years of experience in producing hardware. New Haven produces architectural and sliding barn door hardware that sets a standard for others to follow, all hardware is powder coated and finished to last. A lifetime of satisfaction is guaranteed.

A Culture of Experimentation and Development:

Every product is dreamed up and designed by members of the New Haven team with extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing architectural hardware. Each piece is drawn up, created, and tested before being reviewed and built again. Experimenting with new and creative ideas allows for the products to develop into something special; hardware that both looks and works flawlessly.


Timeless Products

Every customer of New Haven Hardware is viewed as a partner in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of their hardware. Sliding barn door hardware adds a decorative flair and clean design to a home, yet all homes have their own story. New Haven seeks to allow for customer authorship in their story; options and requests are taken seriously. Clear, concise communication is always a top priority.

Customer Experience

Each customer is viewed as a partner in the creation of the perfect product. Every customer has an individual story, and New Haven seeks to allow room for authorship. Custom options and requests are taken seriously. Communication is key.

Embody Creativity

The world is too large, too expansive, and too full of possibilities to stop creating. Each individual has the ability to think up, draw up, and build up anything their mind can imagine, the opportunities are endless. New Haven Hardware established from the start the importance of being creative; every set of hardware was designed and built to reflect form and function. The concept of sliding barn doors are incredibly creative in nature, and every individual barn door and hardware has the ability to be art, an expression, and creation of its own.