5 Tips to Decorate Peacefully

5 Tips to Decorate Peacefully

Combining one two homes into one might not be the easiest thing when moving in with your partner. Everyone has their own unique style and it may not be the same as your significant other. So the question is raised, how do you combine your styles or at least compromise on what the décor is going to be like in your house? The following are some great tips for decorating your new home with you and your partner move in together.

5 Tips to Decorate Peacefully

  • Get Rid of Junk Early

The first step to moving in general is to get rid of your junk early. To decide whether or not you’re going to keep something look at its sentimental value. While you may have had those plates since college, maybe it’s time to upgrade to some higher-quality items. If you have an item that means something to you and your significant other doesn’t like it, such as your collection of rubiks cubes, put them in a separate box for possible use later.

  • Choose Rooms to Decorate

Chances are you aren’t moving into a studio apartment with your significant other, which means there will be more rooms to decorate. Each of you can take a room or rooms and decorate for yourself. This will give you each a chance to show of your personality in your own room. The room can be a man room, a library, or even a craft room that you can share with each other while still having your own style. It is important to do the master bedroom together so it fits with you both. 

  • Blend Your Styles

One of the best things about moving in together is that you’re combining your life with someone you love. Blending your style will make it an easier transition for you both and it will help blend your lives together. Your home will be the perfect touch of both of you.

  • Determine Dealbreakers

It’s hard to admit when your loved one doesn’t have good taste in certain things, but it is good to tell each other what the dealbreakers are when it comes to decorating your house. For instance, your significant other might want bright orange walls and you might find that to be a bit too much. Let them know what you don’t like before you’re stuck with a room that is completely opposite of what you wanted.

  • Go Shopping Together

Shopping and moving goes hand in hand. Once you have a new home, the two of you will inevitably be purchases new home supplies together. Even though you have different styles, this is a great way to blend them together. It’s important that when you do shop together, you reach a compromise so that both your personalities come out in your new home.

Once you’ve finished decorating your home, it’s smooth sailing from there. You’ll find that once you blend your styles together, your life will blend together perfectly. Keeping everyone’s personality in the home décor truly is a way make the home a loving place.

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