Interior Designers Love Sliding Barn Doors

Interior Designers Love Sliding Barn Doors

It’s no surprise that sliding barn doors are so popular with interior designers. Interior designers know what completes a room and what simple changes should happen in a room. They have an eye for design and décor, which gives their clients peace of mind that everything will come together in the end. But what makes sliding barn doors so popular with interior designers and why are they becoming more and more popular in the modern home?

Popularity of Sliding Barn Doors

  • Versatility - One of the best things about updating your home décor with a sliding barn door is that you can place it anywhere. From bathrooms to bedrooms, sliding barn doors look good anywhere and can be made to fit whichever room you desire. This gives the interior designer a wide range of uses that they can start building a style around.
  • Safety – Interior designers think of more than just design, but what can be safe for the whole family. They wouldn’t place a lamp with a cord you could trip on in a place where you’d walk frequently. Just like they wouldn’t put a barn door where the hardware won’t fit or where the door would be hard to open.
  • Style – Whether you’re leaving toward country living or modern design, sliding barn doors are available for your style. An interior designer’s job is to know what goes with what and where things would look best. With New Haven, they can go one step further and custom design what color and style of door would look best in your home.
  • Diversity – Interior designers love unique looks and although sliding barn doors are becoming more and more popular, they are still an original design. Homes have always been built with simple, traditional doors in the inside. Having a sliding barn door in your home gives you a diverse look that is unmatched.
  • Space Saving – Another thing interior designers look for when decorating a room is how they can open space. Barn doors take away the extra room traditional doors used to swing open and closed with a simple push/pull opening. This allows interior designers to use the extra room for coffee tables, pictures, ottomans, anything the heart desires.

Once you’ve found your interior designer, it’s time to find your sliding barn door. Let your interior designer bring out your inner designer with colors, patterns, and space and enjoy your new room.

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