Make Sliding Barn Doors Your Valentine

Make Sliding Barn Doors Your Valentine

You love your family, you love your friends, and even though you don’t often think about it, you love your home. And, while you love you’re home, sometimes you may not show it the appreciation it deserves. Sure you dust and vacuum and clean the bathrooms, but when was the last time you gave your home a makeover?

This Valentine’s Day, we challenge you to give your home the ultimate gift of a brand new sliding barn door. It’s a great addition that changes the entire look of a room and makes you want to keep updating the décor. Whether it’s a surprise for your partner or you create the perfect one together, adding a sliding barn door will open up your home.

barn door heart

One of the best features of choosing a new sliding barn door is selecting the barn door hardware. At New Haven Hardware, we handcraft our barn door hardware, making every piece strong and unique. We believe that the barn door hardware is the heart of the sliding barn door and it shows as you slide the door back and forth. It’s more than just a piece of metal holding up your door, it’s the focal point of the entire piece. It’s what makes the sliding barn door complete.

barn door hardware heart

Sliding barn doors are the perfect gift for you home. They are unique, creative, stylish and perfect for any room in your home. So grab your Valentine, open up New Haven’s website and start selecting the door of you dreams.

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