Sliding Barn Doors: Taking Your Entryway to the Next Level

Sliding Barn Doors: Taking Your Entryway to the Next Level

Over the past few years, sliding barn doors have increased and homeowners all around are using them to add style and personality to their homes. Sliding barn doors not only save space, but also add a distinct look to any home décor. When purchasing from New Haven, you aren’t receiving a regular barn door from IKEA, you are receiving high quality craftsmanship that is difficult to imitate.

Part of the distinct look our sliding barn doors include is our American made barn door hardware. The authentic artisan crafted hardware does not only yield aesthetic benefits, but offers load-bearing capabilities that are unmatched. There’s absolutely no doubt that sliding doors are increasing in popularity, and the elements of design seen in our hardware have helped contribute to the upward trend.

Barn door hardware is not the only reason interior designers, small business owners, and home builders are so enamored by the sliding barn door system. Doors themselves are the most eye-catching piece in your home. Having a stylish door that aligns with the visual goals of the household is a great way to tie any room together. From modern to rustic, our barn doors and barn door hardware complement your home perfectly. No matter what style you’re going for, a barn door is a great way to break away from the norm and add a unique touch to your home.

Sliding barn doors aren’t just for your closet. The barn door trend has not only attracted the attention of interior designers and home builders, but also caught the eye of stores such as Lowes. However, we believe that we distinguish ourselves from the superstores. Rather than walking into a hardware store and picking one out of a line, New Haven Hardware lets you choose your dimensions, select your hardware, and request a custom finish. On top of that, once the door is custom made for you here in the United States, we will ship it to you! Whether you are new to the barn door movement or you have been an advocate for some time, you can rest assure that we will deliver the most advanced custom made sliding barn door and barn door hardware on the market.

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