The Ins and Outs of Sliding Barn Doors

The Ins and Outs of Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding barn doors have grown in popularity over the past few years. They have won over many designers around the world and have become a staple in all environments. They are found in everything from conference rooms of major corporations to room dividers in hotel suites. They offer a unique, functioning feature to every space.

A major reason sliding barn doors are utilized in many designs is because of the versatility they offer. With so many barn door hardware options and uses, barn doors offer flexibility and flare that standard doors do not. To top it off, sliding barn doors use a minimum amount of space needed for them to operate. But before you choose your sliding barn door, take these things into consideration.

Forget What You Know About Sliding Barn Doors

When you think about sliding barn doors, your mind may take you to a chic country design set in newly renovated homes. The style is usually paired with an antiqued hardwood door and cast iron hardware. However, today barn door systems have grown to include hundreds of hardware styles and options, glass door applications, and decorative and function features like soft close.

Sliding Barn Door Styles

Interior sliding barn doors are usually offered with wooden doors or glass doors. Your environment and application will often times determine which one you want because both feature the same hardware functioning options. Most hardware manufacturers offer both a wood door and glass door option to their hardware kits.

One-door models are usually chosen, but don’t think that singles out dual-door designs. Complete with bi-parting functionality, double barn doors offer an amazing grand entrance to any space and a great alternative to French doors.

Wooden doors are the most common sliding barn door because they block all light, reduce sightlines, and close off space more efficiently. This is very important if privacy or space planning is vital for you. These door styles can range from country barn door designs to modern designs that are smooth and sleek.

Glass doors offer you the most design options, let in the most light, controls day lighting, offers privacy and still lets you control space management with closing or opening up rooms.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

What’s great about all the options of hardware is that you are able to put a sliding barn door in any area of your space. You’re no longer stuck putting a door on a large, wide flat wall.

Another feature to look for when choosing barn door hardware is the soft close feature. No matter how much force you apply to close the door, it will always gently close itself ensuring longevity, safety, and integrity of the door system.

Sliding Barn Door Handles

Besides the sliding system itself, barn door handles are also a major design factor when planning your sliding barn doors. With so many design options from minimal to bold, the handles will play a major part in the overall visuals with your barn door.

The handle is the main operator for the opening function of a sliding barn door and it will dictate how people interact with the door. A handle that is too small for a large double sliding barn door will make it feel heavy while a large handle or pull on a smaller single barn door will look clunky and overwhelm the visuals. On closets and smaller openings, a small finger pulls will work well while a large entrance will benefit from a large handle.

Planning Your Next Sliding Barn Door

No matter the room, a sliding barn door is a great choice for any space and with all the options available, you’re sure to find one that fits your next design.

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